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Wakes & funerals

With the flow of water and soft interplay of light in the trees, Audley Dance Hall is the perfect place to celebrate the life of a loved one. Let the Audley Dance Hall Café & Events team help you and your family plan your loved one’s wake and funeral so you can focus on sharing precious memories and celebrating their life without additional stress. 

Being surrounded by nature can be restorative and soothing and encourage moments of contemplative silence for those suffering a loss. The location of the hall is everything: Audley Dance Hall overlooks the beautiful Royal National Park and is a very spiritual place, steeped in indigenous history.

Audley Dance Hall Cafe is housed within the Audley Dance Hall building, which was built in the 1940s across from Audley Weir. The café spills out onto grassy parklands where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in the sun-splashed valley.

The Dance Hall has an integrated AV system with a drop-down screen, microphone and projector so you can share highlights of your loved one’s life and accomplishments. Catering options can be tailored to your needs ranging from $17pp for sandwiches and fruit platters and up to $50pp for roving canapes. 

The Dance Hall can seat up too 200 guests comfortably while still allowing your guests to mingle and share memories. There is easy access for everyone, with a ramp leading into the Dance Hall. Enquire now and our event manager will call you and provide you with more information. Short notice isn’t a problem. 



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Opening hours: 8:30am (8am weekends)-4:30pm