The Dance Hall

Audley is located at the headwaters of the Hacking River in The Royal National Park. The ‘Royal’ or ‘Nasho’ was established in 1879, as the second oldest National Park in the world behind Yosemite est.1864 in the US, and is close to 40,000 acres.

The Audley Dancehall was built in 1949 as a gesture of goodwill from the Military who had been training in the Park during the past two wars. With over 2,000 residents in Audley in the 1901 census. Audley was previously known as ‘pleasure grounds’ and a community hub since the mid 1800’s when a day in the Royal National Park was all about picnics, rowing boats, playing lawn bowls, cricket and tennis and engaging with the surrounding nature.

The Dancehall was refurbished in 2010 with homage to its Heritage & modern amenities added.

Audley has been known as an area of relaxation and recreation since the early days of the Park. Opposite the Audley boatshed and with the extensive grassed areas out the front and close proximity to wonderful walking tracks Audley is once again is the place to build memories and escape the hustle of the city.

The Dance Hall is an open plan timber lined room with full length verandah overlooking the park and cafe below. The Dance Hall’s timber floor has been laid for the purpose of dancing and allows a myriad of table and seating plans to create the best space for your dancing into the night. The Dance Hall is fully equipped with audio visual system for speeches and a projector and drop down screen for presentations or video link up. There is also full reverse cycle air conditioning and access for wheelchairs and bathroom facilities within the Dance Hall.


02 9542 6222
Opening hours: 8:30am (8am weekends)-4:30pm