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Coffee by Marvell Street Roasters, Byron Bay – Regular $4 | Large $5 

Extra shot | Decaf | Caramel | Vanilla | Hazelnut +50c Bonsoy +80c | Milk Lab Almond +$1 

Chai Latte Regular $4.2 | Large $5.2 

Hot Chocolate Regular $4.2 | Large $5.2 

Superfood Hot Chocolate Cacao, maca, lucuma, ginger, honey $5.5 

Golden Latte Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger & honey $5 

Tea Journeys Loose Leaf Tea By the pot $5 English breakfast, earl grey, darjeeling, peppermint, lemongrass & ginger, chamomile, green or lapsang souchong 

Masala Chai Traditional Indian style chai brewed in hot milk with honey, cinnamon & cardamon $6 (Tastes best on soy!) 

Iced Coffee Double espresso served black or white over ice $5 (Add ice cream +$1.5 | Add cream +50c) 

Iced Chocolate Rich chocolate with milk, ice cream & cream $7.5 

Iced Chai Chiller Indian spiced chai served on ice with honey $6.5 

Milkshakes Old school classics: chocolate, coffee, caramel, vanilla, banana, strawberry $6.5 (Malt +50c | Soy or Almond milk +$2) 

Emma & Tom’s Juice Orange or cloudy apple $4.5 

Old Fashioned Quenchers Lemon or raspberry $5 


Wine by the glass 

2016 Tierra, Pinot Grigio, WA $8 

2018 Tierra, Cabernet Merlot, SA $7 

Tierra Sparkling, SA $8.5 

Wine by the bottle 


2017 Ottelia, Pinot Gris, Limestone Coast $32 

2018 Forrest Beach Estate, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon $30 


2016 Hewitson, ‘Miss Harrys’, Barossa Valley $38 

2018 Tierra, Cabernet Merlot, SA $30 


Tierra sparkling, SA $28 


James Boags Premium $7 

Little Creatures | 150 Lashes | Stone & Wood $8.5 

Bulmer’s Original Cider $8.5 

Please call 02 9542 6066 for all cafe enquiries. We are currently operating as a takeaway cafe. We have some seating for you to use or you can bring a picnic rug and explore the Royal National Park. We are open 7 days 8:30am - 3:30pm.


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Audley Dance Hall Menu

Cabinet items served from 8:30am – 3:30pm (8am on weekends)


Caramel slice $4.5

Beetroot chocolate brownie $4.5

Almond jam slice $4.5

Muffins $5.5

Carrot cake $6.5

Banana bread $6.5

Freshly made sandwiches $9.5 – $11.5

Vegan wrap $11.5

Quiche $11

Frittata $11

Moroccan lamb sausage roll $8

Pie $9


Kitchen items from 8:30am – 3:00pm            (8am on weekends)


Muffins & Cakes made in house daily. Ask for today’s selection.

Chargrilled Toast Sourdough or fruit toast with jam $7.5 (Gluten free bread +$2.5)

Bacon & Egg Roll Crispy bacon, fried egg, house barbecue sauce, aioli on a soft milk bun $12

Pistachio & Almond Granola House made granola, seasonal berries, blackberry wanna cotta $18

Free Range Eggs Poached, fried or scrambled (+1), buttered, chargrilled sourdough $12 (Add avocado or bacon +$5)

Buttermilk Pancakes Banana cream, blueberry compote, pecan crumb, maple syrup $20 

Smashed Avo Macadamia feta, fermented chilli, hazelnut dukkah, thick cut sourdough $20 (vg)

Vegan Bowl Chargrilled pumpkin wedge, sautéed kale, mushrooms, broccolini, macadamia feta, avocado and sourdough $25 (vg, gf)

Prosciutto Salad Blood orange, goat’s cheese, peach, almond, purple kale, basil $20

Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi Roast pumpkin, herb pangritata, burnt butter, parmesan $25 

Audley Beef Burger Bacon jam, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, house pickles, aioli, house made BBQ sauce on a soft milk bun served with chips $22 (gf option)

Southern Fried Chicken Burger American cheese, lettuce & chipotle aioli on a soft milk bun with fries $22

Fish ’n’ Chips House beer battered fish, radish & fennel salad, chips, tartare $25

Soup of the Day with buttered sourdough $12

Fish of the Day Citrus, herb & cucumber salad, sweet potato fries, dill butter MP $28-$32

Sides Fries with tomato sauce $8

Sweet Potato Fries with house made vegan chipotle, lime and garlic aioli $9.5

Avocado | bacon | smoked salmon +$5

Macadamia feta | mushroom | poached or fried egg | house baked beans +$3.5

Swap gluten free bread +$2.5 (vg option) 

For The Little Ones
One Egg Poached, fried or scrambled, toast with bacon or avo $9.5

Kid’s Pancake Strawberries and maple sauce $8

Fish ’n’ Chips $10

Cheese Burger Patty, cheese, ketchup & chips $10  

Open 7 days 8:30am-4:00pm (8am-4:30pm on weekends)

We take reservations for groups of 8 – 20 guests. if you are a smaller group we have plenty of seating available. If you are a group of 15 – 20 you will be required to go onto the group menu, $30pp.

Due to COVID and government restrictions we are required to keep a record of all our customers who dine inside. Please assist the staff in completing the form given to you. The details collected are stored confidentially and securely and for a period of 28 day.

Please maintain social distance and utilise the hand sanitisers supplied. If you are ill or show ANY symptoms such as coughing, running nose, fever or diarrhea please choose another time to visit the cafe.