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Aboriginal History

The Gweagal people, a clan of the Dharawal tribe, were the original custodians of the land in and around Audley prior to European settlement in Australia. The Dharawal people have many sacred sites within the National Park and the art and coastal middens are a record of their culture.

Discover a shelter at nearby Curracarrang in the Royal National Park, where evidence of indigenous occupation dates back some 7500 years ago. This is one of the oldest coastal indigenous sites in the Sydney region and well worth a look.

Curracurrang Cove faces east and is where Curracurrang Creek flows into the sea. The cove was used as a regular campsite by the Dharawal people. The middens at Curracurrang Cove are still visible: there are eight rock shelters here in total and two sites with engravings. 

You will also find engravings on flat rock surfaces along the road from Audley to Fisherman’s Bay, 100m south of the turn-off to Costen’s Bay. If you plan to walk the Coast Track get the interactive Royal National Park map app.


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